TCSG Organizational Structure

TCSG State Board

Matt Arthur, Commissioner

Technical College Presidents

Collier Collier, Director, State Board Operations

Debby Lackley, Executive Assistant to the Commissioner

Linda Osborne-Smith, Deputy Commissioner, Executive Ops

Derek Dabrowiak, Executive Director, Student Affairs

Mark D’Alessio, Executive Director, Communications

Romy Smith, Director, Legal Services

Courtney Ware, Director, Human Resources

Jennifer Ziffle, Director, Campus Safety

Joe Dan Banker, Deputy Commissioner, Adult & Technical Education

Kathryn Hornsby, Assistant Commissioner, Technical Education

Mark Peevy, Assistant Commissioner, Secondary Education Initiatives

Kristin Laarhoven, Executive Director, Workforce Development

Jackie Rohosky, Deputy Commissioner, Quick Start

Rodger Brown, Executive Director, Marketing & Strategic Media

Marla Lowe, Executive Director, Project Support Ops

Pam Griffin, Director, Technical College Economic Development

Laura Boalch, Deputy Commissioner, Economic Development

Karen Kirchler, Executive Director

Maggie Richardson, Economic Developer Coordinator

Neil Bitting, Assistant Commissioner, External Affairs & Facilities

Sara Honeywill, Sr Executive Director, Facilities

Adie Shimandle, Director, Technical College Directors’ Association

Steven Ferguson, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology & Data Resources

Suzzette Moore, Director, Technology Support Services

Daniel Black, Director, Engineering

Pascael Beaudette, Executive Director, Research & Business Intelligence

Robbie Vickers, Executive Director, Enterprise Application Systems

Gabriel Mathis, Manager, Web Services

Dr. Cayanna Good, Assistant Commissioner, Adult Education

Annaliza Thomas, Director, Certified Literate Community Programs

Latanya Overby, Director, GED Testing Program

Bobby Creech, Director, Instructional Services

Carla DeBose, Director, Professional Development/Transition Resources

Penni Haberly, Assistant Commissioner, Administrative Services

Tim Bacon, Director, Budget

Gwen Gravett, Director, Support Services

Toyia Hunter, Director, Procurement

Denise Vlasak, Director, Accounting

Angela White, Director, System Development