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Created in 1990 by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and the Georgia Council on Adult Literacy (GCAL), the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) asks a community to establish a non-profit collaborative to promote, support and enhance local community literacy efforts. Communities participating in the program analyze literacy needs, create awareness of those needs, ensure that learning opportunities are offered and evaluate progress. A network is formed to coordinate business, church, volunteer, social service, local government and schools, media and other efforts in the community to reach, influence and support those who want to improve their education. These partnerships produce successful public awareness and fund development campaigns.

To qualify as a participant in the program, a community must set the goal of reducing its functional illiteracy rate by 50 percent within 10 years. When a CLCP reaches its stated goal, it may apply for the second level of certification as a Certified Literate Community. Eighty-seven counties and 2 cities have been certified by the TCSG State Board as CLCPs. Fifty counties and 1 city are CLCP Participants (first level of certification) and 37 counties and 1 city are Certified Literate Communities (second level of certification).

The accomplishments of CLCPs throughout the state of Georgia are many and varied. CLCPs have provided the funding to build adult learning centers, they address transportation and child care needs and they provide materials, equipment, tutors, volunteers, additional class locations and GED testing scholarships. CLCPs manage local “Dictionary Projects,” after school homework programs and school reading initiatives. They work with students in high school to prevent dropouts. They promote adult education services, recruit and retain adult education students in classes and provide a support system to students and literacy providers alike. Annually, CLCPs now secure over $2.4 million for their programs and an additional $2.9 million in in-kind resources.

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