Workplace Education Programs

Programs that support Georgia’s workforce are an integral component of the strategic plan for the Technical College System of Georgia/Office of Adult Education. The Workplace Education Program focuses on providing the basic skills training that workers need to participate in today’s workforce and retain quality employment. By working closely with employers, local Adult Education programs are able to develop a customized curriculum for employees to learn required skills. As a result, adult students develop job specific skills and companies gain a more productive work environment.

Georgia Tax Credit for Adult Basic Education

The Georgia Legislature has developed incentives under OCGA § 48-7-41 to benefit employers who support their employees in acquiring the skills needed to pass the GED® Test. There are two levels of tax credit, $400 and $1,200. For more information about this program, please review the Adult Basic Skills Education Program Tax Credit Procedures Guide.

You can learn more about this program by listening to a recorded webinar here.

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