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Project Information
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Project and Program Description



Project Funding and Scope
Required Design and Construction Funds:
Appropriated/Approved Funds to Date:  
Available Funds Currently:  
Anticipated State Cost Limitation/Construction (SCL):  
Approximate Gross Square Footage (GSF):
Sustainable Design Certification Level Required:  
Georgia Peach Rating Required:  
Property Acquisition:  



Design Professional Information
Advertise for Architect/Engineer: B.I.M. Deliverable Requirement:
Qualification Submission Information:
    Commissioning Agent:
Architect/Engineer Short List Date:
Invited Architect/Engineer Pre-Interview Date:  
Architect/Engineer Interview Date:  
Special Services:    
RFP/RFQ Submission Documents (DOAS):
Anticipated Design Kickoff:  
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Construction Professional Information
Project Delivery Method: Anticipated Construction Start:
Project Advertisement Date:  
Shortlisted Candidates Notified (if applicable): Anticipated Material Completion:
Pre-bid/Proposal Site Visit (MANDATORY):  
CM Team Pre-interview Package due (if applicable): College to Begin Classes:
Bid Package/Proposal due date:  
CM Team Interviews (if applicable):  
Bid Opening (if applicable):  
Special Services:    
Qualification and Bidding Documentation (DOAS):
Notification of successful candidate/bid selection:  
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Owner/Project Management Information
Project Managed By:      
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