GSGA State Officer Team


Georgia Student Government Association LogoThe Georgia Student Government Association (GSGA) represents the local student government associations and/or local student leadership councils in the technical colleges of the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG). The purpose of GSGA is to promote student involvement in the technical colleges by sharing information and by providing assistance to member technical colleges. In addition, GSGA provides information to local members including but not limited to:

  • Effective methods to promote networking;
  • How to organize student government associations;
  • How to increase local memberships and
  • How to organize effective fund raising activities.

GSGA members are encouraged to participate in the extensive leadership training offered during the Georgia Fall Leadership Conference. Annually, GSGA officers attend national governance, programming, and leadership conferences.

In February, Student Government Association delegates voted for, and we installed the 2019-2020 state officer team. The state officer team went through intensive training and team building sessions to further prepare them for their year in office.

The officers were also evaluated on their leadership potential, personal characteristics, knowledge, and commitment to the organization, which resulted in the designation of their individual officer positions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to introduce your 2019-2020 State Officer Team!

GSGA State Officer Team
GSGA State Officer Team from left to right: DeAnna Clay, President, Southeastern Technical College; Ida Higgins, Parliamentarian, Southern Crescent Technical College; Neil Bommarito, Secretary, Columbus Technical College; Desiray Kenney, Reporter/Historian, South Georgia Technical College; Gyanna Blackmon, Vice President, Columbus Technical College