IV. L. College Campuses

The establishment of any campus of a Technical College must be authorized by the State Board.

Any campus shall be administered by the Technical College within whose service area it is located, or as designated by the State Board. A campus is defined as one that operates full credit programs that are eligible to receive Title IV funds. Course/program offerings may include technical certificate/ diploma/degree courses or programs of occupational preparation, part-time programs of adult literacy, business/ industry services, and continuing education. An instructional site is a location where the college offers credit or noncredit instruction but that does not meet the criteria of a campus. These sites do not require State Board approval.

All programs and courses offered at a campus shall be operated and adequately supervised by an on-site administrator or an administrator from another campus and subject to the same standards and requirements in such areas as curriculum, personnel, facilities, evaluation, budgeting, record keeping and accreditation as would be required if operated at a main campus.

The Commissioner shall develop appropriate procedures for the implementation of this policy.


New Campus Request

Procedure: College Campuses

Adopted: March 1991
Revised: August 1993; February 1995; April 23, 2001; August 6, 2001; September 25, 2001
Code: 04-03-09