V. I. Field Trips

Field Trips can be an important component of a student's educational experience and the use of such out-of-classroom experiences by the Technical Colleges is encouraged when appropriate.

Each Technical College shall develop a field trip policy that addresses the safety of students and staff, fiscal responsibility and academic responsibility.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, no personal vehicles shall be used by any Department personnel for the transporting of students on field trips. Students shall be discouraged from transporting other students on field trips and shall be prohibited from doing so if travel is a component of the field trip.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, field trip transportation offered by a Technical College shall be conducted by fully insured, properly licensed professional drivers using either licensed livery vehicles or State of Georgia vehicles that meet all appropriate safety standards.

Each Technical College's field trip policy shall provide for protocols to address emergencies, compliance with relevant fiscal, academic, and student conduct policies.

Each Technical College shall ensure that students and participating faculty and staff review and sign an appropriate assumption of risk, release of liability and limited medical authorization form prior to participating in Technical College-sponsored field trips.

Each Technical College shall ensure that all field trip participants are insured against risks of accidents in an amount to be determined.


Assumption of Risk, Agreement to Abide by Code of Conduct, Release of Liability, and Limited Medical Authorization

Adopted: December 7, 1989
Code: 04-03-12