V. B. 2. Assessment

The ability of a student to succeed in an occupational program at a Technical College is greatly determined by the math and language skills possessed by that student. The Technical College System of Georgia is committed to assisting each student achieve at their maximum potential. It is the philosophy of this agency that a student is not helped by admitting him or her to a program in which he or she does not possess the basic education skills needed to succeed. Therefore, all students applying for diploma, degree and specified certificate programs must be assessed prior to acceptance to a program of study at a Technical College. Students will then be admitted in accordance with the academic standards applicable to that program.

Assessment is far more comprehensive than the basic skills testing process. Assessment is the opportunity for and the responsibility of each Technical College to collect information about prospective students that is relevant to their educational experience. This information should be used to assist each student to experience success in their educational endeavors.

All Technical Colleges must utilize state-approved assessment instruments when evaluating students for program readiness.

In lieu of the state approved assessment instrument, a Technical College may accept a student's official entrance score on a validated assessment instrument. The Technical College System of Georgia's Minimum Program Scores must be used when determining the appropriate entrance score for these alternative instruments. If a student's scores do not meet these state-established minimums, a student must be assessed using the state-approved instrument.

Students may be reassessed according to the particular policy of each Technical College and in accordance with the guidelines of the test publisher. An appropriate reassessment fee may be charged at the discretion of each Technical College.

Official transcripts from an accredited institution approved by the United States Secretary of Education documenting equivalent program-level English and math coursework successfully completed at other postsecondary institutions may be used to document a student's basic education skills and eliminate the need to complete that portion of the assessment instrument.

Each Technical College must develop an assessment policy that is in compliance with this policy.

The scores made by a student on state-approved assessment instruments will be considered valid for placement purposes for a period of 60 months.

Amended: November 6, 1995; January 4, 1996
Revised June 18, 2001, June 2, 2004, June 1, 2006
Code: 05-02-13