Procedure: Debt Collection
Referral Letter to Collection Agency

Date: _________________________


Dear Collection Agent:

The following account(s) is(are) assigned and referred to you for collection in accordance with the terms of the Collection Agreement between us, which Agreement is made a part of this Assignment. Please proceed to collect the account. You are authorized to endorse in our name for deposit and collection all payments received on this account.

As provided in the Collection Agreement, you are not authorized to threaten or initiate legal proceedings with regard to the described account without written authorization from the college's president. If you are unable to collect anything on this account, you may return it to us or to the attorney that we may designate. If you are unable to collect anything on this account for a period of more than days/months, the account must be returned. It is specifically understood that the Institution is engaging you because of your expertise in debt collection and your knowledge of the laws governing this activity. You specifically agree to comply with those laws in conducting your collection activities.


[College Administrator]

Description of Accounts

Debtor: __________________________________________________________________

Last known Address: ______________________________________________________

Last known Phone Number: ______________________________________________________

Amount Owed: $ ______________________________

Basis of Debt: ___________________________________________________________

Date of Last Charge: _________________________

Date of Last Payment: _________________________

Currently Employed or Active in Business: ________________________________________

Bank: ______________________________________________________________________

Additional Comments: ____________________________________________________

By: ____________________________________


II. A. 2. h. Personal Checks

V. N. Personal Checks

Created: March 30, 2001

Approved - No review necessary