Procedure: Approval and Termination Procedures

When implementation of a proposed program entails new capital construction or substantial modifications of existing facilities, an appropriate request for approval of such construction or modification must be submitted as part of the Performance Accountability System process, as well as accompany the proposal for a new program. The same is true when implementation of a proposed program entails the purchase of new equipment, the hiring of new personnel, or the shifting of existing personnel.

For a medical program to be approved which needs to use clinical sites, the technical college/division must determine the number of bona fide clinical sites it will need to reasonably operate/fund the program with x students and an instructor.

Based on the number of bona fide clinical sites determined to be needed, the technical college/division must provide documentation for each clinical site regarding the following: 1) the name, address, and county of the clinical site, 2) documentation of the capacity of the clinical site to host x number of student(s) (based upon all applicable requirements of accrediting or other external approving agencies, such as the number of appropriately credentialed/registered clinician(s) at that site), and 3) any other requirements mandated by the profession, state, law, and/or accrediting agencies.

Colleges should not anticipate State Board consideration for approval of medical programs using clinical sites for 60 to 90 days after submission. Such requests will be posted on the DTAE website for comment.

The college is responsible for obtaining approval of applicable accrediting agencies for new programs.

A request for a new program shall be submitted to the Office of Technical Education on the form provided in the Performance Accountability System. Central Office staff shall analyze each request in terms of state-wide demographic information and trends, available labor supply and demand data, availability and proximity to similar programs in private or public institutions, projected costs, availability of clinical sites, and other related data. Staff recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for consideration.

A request for termination of a program may be submitted by letter to the Office of Technical Education, with any needed attachments, and shall address the topics required above. As part of the termination request to the State Board, the institution shall indicate how it plans to assure that no active student who so desires will be denied the opportunity to complete the program and how it plans to address personnel issues and to reallocate or return to state inventory the equipment and materials associated with the program to be closed. The effective date of a program's termination must come after all active students have completed or left the program.


IV. R. Program Approval and Termination

Adopted: May 4, 1989
Revised: August 2004
Code: 04-03-07