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Technical College System of Georgia
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Policy - Development, Approval and Review of TCSG Policies and Procedures

Procedure - Development, Approval and Review of TCSG Policies and Procedures

State Board Policy Format

TCSG Procedure Format

Procedure - HEOA P2P Unauthorized File Sharing Prevention Compliance

General Provisions

I. Mission and System of Governance

A. Mission Statement

B. Statement of Equal Opportunity

C. State Board

1. Responsibilities and Authority

a. Bylaws
b. Compensation and Expenses
c. Ethical Responsibilities
d. Approval of Technical College Local Board Members

2. President Emeriti

3. Building Naming

D. Local Board of Directors

1. Responsibilities and Authority

a. Bylaws
b. Compensation and Expenses

2. Local Board Member Emeritus

E. Office of the Commissioner

1. Commissioner Responsibilities and Authority

2. Agency Strategic Planning

3. Technical College Accreditation

4. Substantive Change Reporting

F. Technical Colleges

1. Employment of Presidents

a. Appointment of Presidents

2. Responsibilities and Authority of Technical College Presidents

3. Strategic Planning

a. Procedure: TCSG College Strategic Planning

II. Administration

A. Fiscal Management

Financial Overview

1. Budget

a. Annual Budget Requests and Operating Budgets
b. Transfer of Funds Among Technical Colleges

2. Accounting

a. Accounting System
b. Contract Management
c. Payroll System
d. Enterprise Funds
e. Audits
1. State Board Audit Resolution Procedure
f. Funds Management

i. Bank Accounts
ii. Petty Cash Funds
iii. Georgia Sales and Use Tax
iv. Cooperative Nonprofit Organizations
v. Instructional Live Work Projects

g. Personal Checks
h. Indirect Cost Rate
i. Corporate Charge Cards

B. Purchasing

C. Operational Policies

1. Maintenance

2. Use of Vehicles

3. Use of Campus Facilities

4. Acceptable Computer and Internet Use

5. Use of Telecommunications Equipment

6. Alcohol on Campus

7. Tobacco Use

8. Records Management

9. Inventory Management

10. Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives

11. Severe Inclement Weather

12. Real Property Acquisitions and Leases

13. Business Email Archiving, Retention and Investigation Procedure

14. Open Records Act

15. Environmental Protection

D. Emergency Preparedness, Health, Safety and Security

1. TCSG Emergency Operations Plan

2. TCSG Business Continuity Plan

3. TCSG Exposure Control Plan

4. TCSG Hazard Communication Program and Hazardous Chemical Inventory

5. TCSG Security

E. Intellectual Property

1. Procedure: Patentable or Copyrightable Materials

F. Identity Theft Prevention

III. Human Resources

A. Statement of Equal Opportunity

1. Unlawful Harassment Procedure

B. Recruiting and Hiring

1. Verifying Employment Eligibility

2. Medical and Physical Examination Program

C. Job Descriptions

D. Categories of Employment

E. Verification of Employment

F. Employment Contracts

G. Performance Management

H. Promotions

I. Procedure: Adverse Employment Actions

J. Reduction in Force

K. Employment of Relatives

L. Ethics and Standards of Conduct for Employees

1. Ethical Responsibilities of Employees

2. Consensual Relationships

3. Procedure: Gifts, Honoraria and Expenses

4. Procedure: Standards of Business Conduct

5. Political Activity

6. Other Employment Procedure

7. Children in the Workplace

M. Employee Complaint Resolution Policy

1. Employee Complaint Resolution Procedure

N. Personnel Files

O. Drug-Free Workplace

1. Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedure

2. Procedure: Drug Testing: US DOT and FMCSA Regulated Positions

P. Defense and Indemnification

Q. Official Business Hours and Work Schedules

1. Procedure: Official Business Hours and Work Schedules

2. Procedure: Work Away

R. Instructional Staff Work Assignments

1. Procedure: Instructional Staff Work Assignments

S. Travel

T. Positive Discipline

1. Procedure: Positive Discipline

U. Compensation and Related Benefits

1. Payroll Deductions

2. Direct Deposit of Pay

3. Working Hours, Overtime and Compensatory Time

a. Procedure: Working Hours, Overtime, and Compensatory Time

4. Flexible Benefits Programs

5. Retirement

a. Procedure: Retirement

6. Leave

a. Procedure: Leave Donations

b. Procedure: Court Leave

c. Procedure: Miscellaneous Leave

d. Procedure: Annual, Sick, and Personal Leave

e. Procedure: Authorized and Contingent Leaves of Absence

f. Military Leave


8. Staff Development

9. Holidays

a. Procedure: Holidays

10. Workers' Compensation and Return to Work

a. Procedure: Workers' Compensation and Return to Work

11. Tuition Remission and Reimbursement for Approved Staff Development

12. Reserved

13. Procedure: Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

V. Reserved

W. Background Investigations

1. Procedure: Background Investigations

X. Workplace Violence

Y. Driver Qualification Procedure

Z. Employee Assistance Program

IV. Academic Administration

A. Mission Statement

B. Statement of Equal Opportunity

C. Academic Freedom

D. General Program and Program Specific Standards

1. Procedure: Business Affiliation Agreements

E. Technical Advisory Committees

F. Service Delivery Areas

G. Technical College Calendars

H. Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

1. Procedure: Structure of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Programs

I. Warranty of Degree, Diploma, and Technical Certificate of Credit Graduates

J. Articulation and Transfer

1. Procedure: Articulation and Transfer

K. Cooperative Programs With Regents' Institutions

L. College Campuses

M. Instructional Live Work Projects

N. Non-Credit Instruction

O. Quick Start

P. Programs for Adult Literacy

Q. General Education Development (GED) Testing and Diplomas

R. Program Approval and Termination

V. Student Affairs

A. Statement of Equal Opportunity

1. Procedure: Unlawful Harassment and Discrimination of Students

B. Admissions and Assessment

1. Admissions Requirements

2. Assessment

3. Residency

a. Residency - Procedure

C. Student Handbooks

1. Procedure: Summary of Student Notification Requirements

D. Model Student Conduct Codes

1. Student Disciplinary Procedure

2. Model Student Conduct Codes

E. Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

F. Satisfactory Academic Progress

G. Student Grade Point Average

1. Procedure: Student Grade Point Average

H. Academic Standards, Evaluations, and Appeals

I. Field Trips

1.Field Trips

J. Student Records

K. Student Tuition and Fees

1. Student Tuition and Fees Procedure

L. National Emergencies

M. Student Accident Insurance

N. Student Organizations and Activities

O. Student Activity Fund

P. Student Grievance Procedures

1. Academic Appeals

Q. Student Housing

1. Residence Hall Room Entry and Search Policy

R. TCSG Student Records Retention Schedule

S. Student Athletics

1. Procedure: Student Athletics



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