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Adult Learners & GED Test Takers

The Office of Adult Education (OAE) provides adult education throughout the state of Georgia. Classes are offered through 31 local providers in every county within the state. Programs include basic literacy, GED preparation, workforce preparation, English language acquisition, and citizenship education. The Office of Adult Education facilitates collaboration with other core partners and service providers under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) at the state level, and within each Local Workforce Development Area (LWDA).

Adult learners looking to attend class and enter the workforce may locate an adult education program and GED testing center by clicking the link below.  Contact a program near you to learn more about how Adult Education is “Creating a Workforce for Georgia and a Future for Families.”

Online Professional Learning Center (external link – USG)

GED Transcripts Online

Adult Education 2017 Fall Conference Information

Map of Adult Education Program Locations (external link – TCSG KMS)

Find an Adult Education Program Near you (PDF Document)

Grant Program Support Coordinators

GED Testing Program | 800-94-MY-GED

It looks like a diploma, but works like a passport! A high school diploma or the equivalent can make an important difference in your income – and in your life. Learn about the GED diploma and how you can pursue it. Individuals who have not received a high school diploma or its equivalent have an…

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Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP)

Change your Life Created in 1990 by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) and the Georgia Council on Adult Literacy (GCAL), the Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP) asks a community to establish a non-profit collaborative to promote, support and enhance local community literacy efforts. Communities participating in the program analyze literacy needs, create awareness…

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English Literacy/Citizenship Education

Gain Skills English Literacy/Civics and Citizenship Education for Georgia’s Aspiring Citizens The Technical College System of Georgia, Office of Adult Education received federal funding through the U.S. Department of Education to continue the English Literacy/Civics Education Program for a fifth year in order to meet the growing needs of Georgia’s immigrant population. Twenty-one (21) technical…

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Health Literacy Program

Protect your Health Health Literacy Program Health literacy is defined as the capacity to which individuals can read, understand, and act upon health-related information.  Health literacy also encompasses the ability professionals and institutions have for communicating effectively so that community members can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to advocate for and protect their…

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Workplace Literacy

Workplace Education Programs Programs that support Georgia’s workforce are an integral component of the strategic plan for the Technical College System of Georgia/Office of Adult Education. The Workplace Education Program focuses on providing the basic skills training that workers need to participate in today’s workforce and retain quality employment. By working closely with employers, local Adult…

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The mission of the adult literacy programs is to enable every adult learner in Georgia to acquire the necessary basic skills — reading, writing, computation, speaking, and listening — to compete successfully in today’s workplace, strengthen family foundations, and exercise full citizenship.

The Office of Adult Education administers the GED Testing Program and awards the GED diploma to successful GED test takers. It also facilitates cooperation among state and local entities for the purpose of increasing and improving adult literacy efforts in Georgia. Therefore, the Office of Adult Education has two primary roles: it provides direct services through the service delivery areas and Georgia’s technical colleges, and it coordinates services with other organizations.


The Office of Adult Education’s vision is a “Fully Literate Georgia” whose workers are exceptionally well prepared to compete in the global marketplace. OAE envisions this “Fully Literate Georgia” emerging as a world leader in economic development, and in the provision of educational programs and services that are seamless in delivery, responsive to the individual needs of students, and designed to overcome barriers to educational access and improve the quality of life of Georgia’s citizens.