Georgia Virtual Technical Connection

Learn from a distance!

The mission of the Georgia Virtual Technical Connection is to provide support, guidance, and assistance to the state’s Technical Colleges in the design, development, and delivery of distance education and technology based learning initiatives, manage the state level online student application portal, and serve as a conduit for distance and technology enhanced education.


Click the appropriate link to proceed to begin the correct application process:

Beginning Students – A student who has never attended college before.

Transient Student – A student who pursues a course at another college due to a schedule conflict or the desired course is not offered at his/her home college. To attend a college as a transient student, you must receive permission from your home college.

Transfer Student – A student who has attended college before but wishes to transfer to another college to pursue a program of study.

Special Admit Student – A student who desires to take courses only. He/she does not desire to pursue a program of study. Special Admit students are not eligible for financial aid.

For online application assistance – contact Burnette Cockfield, GVTC Student Affairs Coordinator – 1-877-532-GVTC (4882)